Taurus horoscope january 26 2020

Taurus horoscope predicts that your friends and family are always there January is when the Taurus sun sign need to be careful on the health front.
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Hand Lines Head Line. Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Home Chinese Horoscope Horse Born in: Weekly. Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between January 27, and February 14, If you were born before January 27, , your Chinese zodiac sign is Snake. Overview For you Horses of , everything will go well in life this year. You will get many opportunities yet the setbacks will also be inevitable, so do not go beyond yourself.

Despite the opportunities in career, you need to be more patient and careful to avoid any mistakes or losing the negotiated projects out of impatience. The excellent performance at work will increase your wealth significantly and bring you substantial profits at the end of this year. Care more about your family's health and do not ignore your health.

Wealth A lot of good news on wealth will come to you this year and you will get handsome profits from previous investment and financing projects.

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For wage-earners, you will get salary raise for your dedication and excellence. Taurus Horoscope. Virgo Horoscope. Capricorn Horoscope. Gemini Horoscope. Libra Horoscope. Aquarius Horoscope. Cancer Horoscope. Scorpio Horoscope. Pisces Horoscope. More Subscribe. What kind of Aries are you? Explore if you are dominated by your sunsign or moonsign Play now. Take Quiz. Read More. Saturn moves in retrograde motion, yet again from 19 th April to 6 th Sept Thereafter Saturn continues its direct motion in Sagittarius till 1 st May From 1 st May to 19 th Sept , Saturn moves in retrogression and finally transits to its own sign Capricorn on 25 th Jan In this journey of Saturn, sade saati effects will be over for Libra Rashi natives.

Those born in Scorpio Rashi will experience the last phase while those born in Sagittarius will go through the peak of sade saati.


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Natives of Capricorn Rashi will begin their first phase of sade saati as Saturn transits to Sagittarius. Click here to get your Personalised Saturn Transit Report.

With a proper analysis of the horoscope and by using appropriate remedial measures, it will be easier to form a plan for the coming times. Investments or career planning, studying overseas or focusing on your career, major ailment or recovery of the long-standing problem and various other issues can be ascertained with proper study of the horoscope, in relation to the transit of Saturn. Umesh Pant provides you a direction with personal attention to your horoscope. The remedies suggested will help you make your decisions cautiously and avoid a drastic fall.

He will provide you all the details about the growth along with suggestions about the right Gemstone, Rudraksha Yantra, and Mantra. Movement of Saturn carries much importance on various aspects of life. A personalized Transits Report of Saturn can let you know how to conduct in a different situation. The impact of this transit on various signs will be different, depending upon the position of natal planets.

While professionally you may note steady growth, financially there would be possibilities of gain. Your efforts will be now appreciated as you progress in your business deals as well.

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Shani Gochar through Sagittarius will bring in a favor from your subordinates. But this is also a period to remain careful if you are involved in legal matters. With Saturn transiting through Sagittarius, Saturn would also impact your finances, your working capacity and also competitive abilities. Would you want to know the details especially on your chart?

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Saturn transit in is a period to remain intensely aware of various changes coming up gradually for those born in Taurus Rashi. Impulsive decisions are best avoided. It would be important to slow down your pace of progress and avoid talking ill about anyone. You may be misquoted at wrong places. Block in professional progress will be noted periodically.

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Shani Gochar through Sagittarius for Taurus natives is a period to be aware and alert to developing changes around you. Saturn in its transit through Sagittarius will bring in changes in your professional life. Your income would be impacted directly. There would be effects on your children too.

Find out your specific details. For those of you wanting to settle in the marital alliance, this Gochar of Shani through Sagittarius will bring forth bright options for those born in Gemini Rashi. Career and business matters will note growth and cordial relation with your peers and seniors.

Relation with siblings will be better provided you deal with maturity. Saturn Transit will bring in a renewed partnership with your marital partner. Name, fame, and prosperity will be for you to note, as hard work and dedication of the past will now be appreciated. Are you planning to settle in the marital alliance? Perhaps this is a vital year for some important changes in life. Saturn transiting through Sagittarius will have specific roles in your chart, in partnership, business or in professional life. Would you want to note these specifically?

For those born in Cancer Rashi, the transit of Saturn through Sagittarius will bring in employment opportunities. You will be able to outshine your opponents and win through competitions. For legal matters, there will be progress and decisions are likely to be in favor. Health will need particular attention in Saturn Transit through the 6 th house. Blocks and obstacles may retard your progress. If you are looking for a change in job, there would be fresh opportunities coming up.

Saturn transiting through Sagittarius from Jan will also impact your competitions and opportunities. Are you planning to relocate? Would it be for good or are you looking at some difficult times? Find out the details. For those born in Leo Rashi, Transit of Saturn through Sagittarius will bring in a new look and understanding in your emotional equation. For those willing to tie the marital knot, your love equation will mature gracefully.

The gain in finance will be noted as professional progress would be expected. Those in business will note expansion and possibility of forming a new association.